Letter from Warsaw, Poland.

Dear Friends and Beloved Ones, 

We are contacting you to write a few words about the current refugee situation in Warsaw, Poland, and ask for your help that is needed right now. 

All around us, people have switched to helping Ukraine. Despite very little help from the government, the aid runs like clockwork owing to the incredible effort of ordinary people and NGOs. The Poles have welcomed close to 3 million refugees (official data as of 20.04: 2 863 000), many of whom are coming to Warsaw. According to the Financial Times, Poland now hosts one of the largest refugee populations in the world.  In the days to come, this number may rise up to 1.5 million or even 5 million, according to some predictions. So far, the Polish government has not set up any transit camps for refugees. The burden to accommodate and feed Ukrainians is taken mostly by individuals, local communities, private companies, local authorities and city governments.

We, a group of friends, have decided to join in this general effort. We would like to help refugees arriving from Ukraine distributing food and providing those in need with essential medicines. We have seen first-hand that this is what the refugees need when bewildered, tired, and hungry, they arrive at train stations or when they stay at local shelters. There are various organizations and ordinary people working round-the-clock to assist those arriving from Ukraine, but the needs are enormous and every pair of hands makes the difference.
fot. Spacerowiczka
Our personal resources are limited but with your help, we will be able to feed and equip more people and for a longer period. This is why we would like to ask you to make a contribution to support our activity. We cannot predict the amount needed as there are more hungry people coming every day. If the war ends tomorrow, we will transfer the remaining funds to a trusted Polish humanitarian NGO such as the Ocalenie Foundation.

For the sake of transparency, we do not want to collect funds on our personal accounts. One of us, Piotr, has agreed to provide for this purpose the bank account of the foundation he runs, ‘Phan Bde’ ("doing good" in Tibetan language). We have set up a transparent system of recording expenses which allows each undersigned member of the group to see and check each spending we make. We are involved in the project as volunteers and do not receive any remuneration. All the money raised will be used directly to help people in need.

If you can, please support us by sending funds:



70 1600 1462 1804 2646 6000 0001

IN USD 🇺🇸:

48 1600 1462 1804 2646 6000 0009 
IBAN: PL48 1600 1462 1804 2646 6000 0009 

IN EUR 🇪🇺:

75 1600 1462 1804 2646 6000 0008 
IBAN: PL75 1600 1462 1804 2646 6000 0008 

Description: Donation for a public benefit purpose - helping the victims of the war in Ukraine 

You may also use the PayPal tool: in EUR 🇪🇺,  in USD 🇺🇸, in GBP 🇬🇧, in SEK 🇸🇪 or in PLN 🇵🇱!

Helping a few persons might not change the world, but it could change the world of those that we help.

Thank you, 
Alicja, Ewa, Gaweł, Maciej, Marta, Mateusz, Patrycja, Piotr, Tomasz, Weronika - check here who we are!