Friends for Refugees, 21.04.2022:

  • As the most important holiday of Pascha (Orthodox Easter) for most Ukrainians approaches, we were able to provide further support to organize a holiday meal for 300 people.
  • Our commitment was recognized, and in April we received an additional grant from the Americares Foundation to purchase medication for refugees. This was made possible by securing co-financing from contributions by individual donors. Thank you!

Friends for Refugees, 14.03.2022:

Thank you for your donations. Twenty-one friends from across the world have already contributed to our project. We didn’t waste much time and have already sponsored two initiatives:

  • A Chechen refugee family who accommodated and take care of a group of three mothers with children from Ukraine. Food and basic products worth 211 EUR.
  • A ‘Travelling Women’ Collective of migrants and refugees who day after day cook meals for refugees from Ukraine. 422 EUR for hot meals for 400 people.

The needs are overwhelming and will last for weeks or even months to come. As the authorities are one step behind, the refugees are fed and accommodated mostly thanks to the effort of ordinary people and NGOs. 

City of Warsaw, 12.03.2022:

Since the Russian invasion began, 1.6 million people have arrived in Poland from Ukraine. More than 350,000 have reached Warsaw, most of them have decided to stay here - this is already 15 percent of the city's total population. Increasingly, those arriving in the capital need outside support, they have no family or friends here. Today about 30 percent of people ask for accommodation in Warsaw, a few days ago it was 5-10 percent.

Mayor of Warsaw, Rafal Trzaskowski, 10.03.2022:

We are facing the largest migration crisis in European history since World War II. Almost 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine have already arrived in Poland. We estimate that since the beginning of the migration crisis, only Warsaw has received a total of about 290,000. The situation is getting more difficult by the day. During these two weeks, Poles, Polish NGOs and local government officials have stood up to the challenge. Unfortunately, all data and all experts indicate that the biggest challenge is still ahead of us.

In just over two weeks, more than 1 million children have fled Ukraine, leaving everything they know behind in search of safety. [Most of them to Poland]

- UNICEF, 10.03.2022