who we are

Thank you for your friendship and support.
We are a group of friends or friends of our friends.This is a grassroots, trust-based initiative. We have set up a transparent system of recording expenses which allows each undersigned member of the group to see and check each spending we make. May no one in need ever run out of food or medications!

Piotr Cykowski

Activists, working in Akcja Demokracja, one of the major campaigning organization in Poland. For over 20 years I have been involved in varoius human rights campaings on an international and local level. During my studies I met and worked with Tibetan refugees both in Poland and India. I have supported Polish organizations, and helped to establish some of them. I have experience in working with and for migrants, supporting a cultural center for Chechen refugees as well as co-creating the Intercultural Center in Warsaw. I am also a trainer of leadership practices among LGBTQ+ and climate activists. I am a member of the Leading Change Network. In  free time I love  making small trips around Warsaw or Poland. Find me on FB: www.facebook.com/PiotrCykowski

Marta Jankowska

Psychotherapist, lecturer at Warsaw University, pedagogue and applied drama practitioner, I have been professionally involved in helping others overcome their life obstacles for almost 20 years. I worked with street kids in Russia, in a therapeutic center in Denver, USA, and various ngos and schools in Poland. I trained teachers and business in wellbeing, emotional intelligence and psychological skills. I am a spiritual creature believing that it matters how we treat others. I use dance, yoga, gardening and walks in the woods as ways to stay sane and balanced. In spare time I talk with friends about ways to make this world a kinder and more compassionate place.

Mateusz Płaziński
Polish-English-French translator and interpreter. Involved in community-based assistance and integration of migrants as a volunteer of the Ocalenie Foundation. Raising two daughters, taking care of a dog and trying not to go nuts when juggling his work and off-work life. Enjoys long walks in the woods, mountain hiking, and playing tennis. Interested in art and Zen.

Tomasz Szypuła
Graduated from journalism, is an experienced communication manager. Member and former president of a LGBT+ NGO - Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) and a former board member of ILGA-Europe. Since 2020 works for ClientEarth - an environmental global charity which uses the power of law to protect life on Earth. He is a proud dog dad of Diego.

Alicja Cykowska
I was never real activist, but I've always admired Piotr, my cousin and friend. I do small things: singing off petitions, donating the money to NGOs. I work for big international company and hope that I will be able to find colleagues who can support financially our initiative. I know that Piotr is very engaged now, investing his time and money to help refugueese (cooking soup for those who need it). I am not able to be as active as him,  but I know that financial support of such initiatives matters. I made first donation here and I hope that there will be more of us. I live in Sweden, Stockholm with my wife and cat. I love the nature and long walks in the forest nearby.

Gaweł Andrzejewski
I am a climate activist with experience gained at home and abroad.  I have been working as a human rights campaigner for Akcja Demokracja and "Rozwój TAK - Odkrywki NIE" coalition, currently co-organizing actions and building structures of climate movements in Poland. For years i have been an assistant to the CEO of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. As a certified American Heart Association CPR+AED instructor, i have trained hundreds of elementary school teachers in Poland. Training instructor for volunteers of the GOCC Foundation's Peace Patrol.

Ewa Gajewska
I am an orientalist, culture expert specializing in Chinese, Tibetan and other Himalayan region’s cultures. I am also a traveller and project manager working in tourism industry since 20 years. Since me and Peter know each other more than 20 years we have been participating in many projects focused on Tibetan refugees in Poland, promoting and supporting Tibetan community and their aims. I was also involved in few projects promoting responsible tourism in Asia as a lecturer, lately taking part in  NGO project focused on helping one of Nepalese hospitals during fighting with COVID-19. I am a mom, cat lover and bibliophile.

Weronika Paszewska
I am an activist and organiser. I co-founded Akcja Demokracja in 2014 (progressive campaigning organisation) where I met Piotr Cykowski and Gaweł Andrzejewski. I am involved in climate movement, women’s right movement and Varsovian food cooperative. Currently I work internationally as a freelance consultant and with Tectonica. I am passionate about goal-oriented collaboration, shared leadership, distributed responsibilities and effective communication as well as gardening, climbing and cooking. I am queer, living with my partner and a dog in Warsaw. Lets connect https://twitter.com/wpaszewska/

Patrycja Romaniuk
My childhood passion for saving the environment turned into my work, first as an NGO activist, then as a sustainability consultant and now as a beginning scientist, doing my PhD on „mud and turtle poo” (true story!) with the absolutely best team ever, one lucky gal. 
I’m also crazy plant lady, amateur bike mechanic (with diploma!), bookworm and an avid cook, especially when there’s a good company to feed. 
But being human comes first, so I’m doing what I can. And since I’m officially part of the supervisory board here, if there’s any doubt how the collected money is spent, I’m here to dispel it and keep a watchful eye on the core team.

Maciej Darski
I am pharmacist currently working for CRO. Over past years I supported many different initiatives led mainly by Piotr, as I am not an activist. I believe that together we can do great things. Personally, I am admirer of the world’s beauty, love trains and backpack responsible tourism.